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The Body Caliper comes in a fitted case with an illustrated manual, and
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Test your body fat with the first research-grade caliper at an affordable price.

Body fat readings are most useful when they are used to track body changes over time. A caliper must render identical pressure at every reading to produce reliably comparable information.
   In a University of New Mexico research comparison study sponsored by the ACSM to evaluate accuracy ranges for their members, the $49.95 Body Caliper compared favorably to the Harpenden™ and Lang™ calipers each costing hundreds of dollars.
   The Body Caliper's accuracy is accomplished through its patented AccuSpring™ which exerts 10 grams of pressure per square millimeter of skin (10 gr./mm2) during the full duration of any skinfold measurement.
   Consistency and accuracy together guarantee research level reproducibility for highly reliable readings over time.


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