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The Body Caliper comes in a fitted case with an illustrated manual, and
FREE instructional video.
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Measure body fat like a pro with the only step-by-step instruction video available.

 You may have heard that your body fat test will not be accurate if you do not take the skinfold readings properly, or that it's hard to locate the skinfold sites, or that it takes special training.

 All true until you've been shown just how easy it is to make accurate skinfold tests by a professional trainer.

 Our video presents clear step-by-step instructions on how to precisely locate each testing site, how to gather up a skinfold, and how to position the caliper for easy measuring.
 When you see the pro in our video doing body comp tests you'll say, "Is that all there is to it? I can do that." You'll even be able to use your new knowledge to do skinfold tests anywhere on the body.
 The Body Caliper Video is included free with purchase of The Body Caliper!

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